Have down loaded and installed new drivers with no success. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable, restart the computer, and then reconnect the printer power cable. I’ll throw in my last backup and see how that goes. If this doesn’t work, then I clean the ink jets with distilled water using a Q-tip. They can also be easily refurbed. Most likely your library has computers and also printers, so you should be able to print off what you need that way. Please let me know if you hear of a fix or work around.

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Hewlett Packard thanks you, too The printer cartridge does not move when i print a document. Anyone have any ideas what to try?

printing for DeskJet C with XP operating system – HP Support Community –

The cartidge light started blinking just after a print job. The carriage moves to the left about mid way and then stops. Do I have to have a color cartridge in xxp printer in order to print at all? Eger on Mar 26, at Everything either would not print fed through an unprinted page or printed in blue. Exactly where do h; stand at this point in my being able to successfully use the HPC on my new system? Anyone know how to get the carriage out to get to the back?


I’m thinking if I can get the light to go out, it’ll work again because it was working fine until that last print job. If so, is there anything to be done about it or is it simply time for a new printer?

Widows Doesn’t Recognize HP Deskjet 722c Printer

Everything else works fine so want to continue to use the C Thanks. All the lights are solid, Green, Amber, Amber. Much discussion appears above about the difficulties of getting an HPC to work with this OS, including the “pink” problem. Was that your posting that you too had the same printer and problem? I have all the info you need to replace it. I’ve had the printer for quite a while; but it never gave me any problems like this before.

If it is giving you trouble, like the feed problem you mentioned, try a different brand. Clean the cartridge s and carriage electrical contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. Did 722d solve your problem?

It’s been turned off and back on to reset it – that didn’t work. Stephen had recommended that I obtain a silicone based grease for the service station.


It hasn’t worked for me, however! Some time ago I noticed the option to print banners no longer appeared when “Print” selected.

If neither solution solves the problem, perhaps you do have a defective cartridge. Sincerely; Darryl – unknown. The power light has not been on since this happened. Has anyone solved this problem? Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. The photo I used, which has very little hpp in it, alternates bands with gray and red tints, if that can provide you with a clue. I did clean everything I could, but I forgot to 722f it.

Lots of people have fixed their pink flu problems.

It’s a long shot, 722d worth a try. Thus, I’m not in the market for an all-in-one. Thanks for any suggestions. Dear Bert, I have 5 of these babies – 2 defunct from extensive use, 1 working, and 2 needing a good cleaning.