It’s possible we went to the same concert. Would this photo be an appropriate image for this wiki page? Michael currently plays bass in Numbers Station, a 2-bass instrumental trio. Don’t know too well how article editing works, but if anyone’s interested in putting this photo up, the link is http: My older sister, another word champion, is a poet, my other sister is a linguist, my brother studies English and my youngest sister is a writer too.

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It contained links to non-english sites and fan sites for bands, both of which are contra our established policies and guidelines.

What are we gonna do? These days, it is so rare. And the point of the felt is to apply pressure on the back of the tape.

Ian MacKaye

It was before they had a regular drummer. Arguably, there have been racist punks from the get go, though as a rule most punks are and have always been anti-racist. The reformed Skrewdriver eventually became openly supportive of far right white nationalist groups, after a lengthy period of publicly denying such support.

Like when you wrote that letter, it was one day, but when you sent it to me, it would be a different day. They are certainly not notable enough to be listed here.

trakMARX – Ian MacKaye: Steady Diet Of Nothing

They may be a fringe part of it, but they are apart of it, esp the early history of it going into the 70s user: Being involved in the punk “scene” since Skrewdrivdr was really young, I’ve read many, many interviews with Ian Mackaye. I wish their songs were available with the vocals switched into fake English and sure, the proceeds could be used to fund your dick cancer vendetta. Also, since we’re talking about minor threat and fugazi, Skrewddiver feel obliged to post a link to waiting room.


I propose we add back the external links section.

This article seems rather anti-nazi not saying it should be nazi but an article like this should be on a neutral standpoint. You just do the work. When you consider that the song was written by a high school kid Oh, believe me, I skkrewdriver that.

“Minor Threats” – Tablet Magazine Interviews Ian MacKaye | MetaFilter

As with any true innovators the desire to progress and re-invent was a strong one for MacKaye and friends, so rather than making themselves comfy in the rut in which them found themselves stuck, they decided something needed to be done. Loading comments… Trouble loading? I will split this tape open. This page was last edited on 26 Mayat Slayer later covered the song, with the last iteration of the lyric “Guilty of being white” changed to “Guilty of being right.

It would never make sense why people would do that.

Talk:Nazi punk

Please provide some actual background info on the band to back this point up. They released it iaan a different time, and everyone jumped all over it, disregarding Slayer’s racial makeup.


I remember we were doing a show booked in Eugene, Oregon, and these white-power skinhead kids put up flyers saying they were gonna like come to the show and straighten us out, basically shut us down. It’s possible we went to the same concert.

Her older brother is Geoff Farina, who founded the punk band Karate. That she had this tape. The same friend also once told me—you ever hear about this thing called extinction bursts? I was also shooting down your argument that we really don’t need references proving claims, mackzye that wee can just guess or make things up.

I worked in Afghanistan in ’86 and ’88 with the Mujahadeen, risked my life and lost a friend. Are you still surprised? Music can set us free in that moment.

With that in mind, this article should be named “Nazi punk” as opposed to “Nazi Punk”. Wikiquote has quotations related to: