In response to Arkady, the included disc was rated at 4X. For some reason, Que Fires don’t like to plug directly into the stock firewire port. I finally was able to resolve the problem by finding the QPS people at the MacWorld Expo and telling them that their product was a piece of crap. Cycling the power and unplugging the drive and plugging back in seems to work for me. It says “No CD-Recorder.

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I was searching for QPS customer service when I happened upon this discussion group.

I may be looking for another unit soon, but Brn-4x4x6 doubt that I’ll press my luck and purchase another QueFire. I think it’s finally dead?

Imation CD / DVD Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

imqtioncd That’s yet another thing I’ll have to try. The drive and the interface had no problems with the extra demands of audio either. Seriously, did you perhaps knock loose something inside your computer when you swapped out the hard drive? Maxell and Fuji are also pretty consistent. I have not yet had the unit burn-4×46 enough to know.


Experiences like these are not uncommon, though yours is certainly extreme. However, the drive behaves erratically when connected to a computer.

The Driver Update Utility for Imation will back up your current drivers for you. For the very best customer service, with excellent techs, I nominate LaCie.

Imation 8824mm-062 Cd-rw CD Burner 8x8x24 Drive Recorder

There is no com at all. Download the Driver Update Utility for Imation.

I have tried all the tricks- zapping PRAM, disconnecting everything, etc. Checked extensions, software, drivers. After thinking that I had tried everything over the last year since updating OS to 9. It’s ironic that I bought this unit to help me out with my last quarter in college.

When this drive was produced, I read all kind of rave reviews. They make promises and tell you one thing then do another. So I ended up with a functioning CD burner but had to turn an extension off and restart the G3 before I could use it. My Toast program suddenly does not recognize any CD burner attached. I am so glad I did not buy one new My first one stopped working after about 25 discs burned.


What am I doing wrong? It is a frustrating waste of disks. I can’t waste another hour on this. Does anyone know where I can get upgraded software? Last week the Indigita hard drive began making awful noises, so I backed up all those files elsewhere and got a new Maxtor 40GB FireWire hard drive. I had a Que 16x, so I took imstioncd home and did some basic troubleshooting.

Now that i think of it better it imaationcd have a problem from day one in audio qulity.

I hope that this will be usefull for people ending up with a paperweight. Maybe it has something to do with error correction schemes. One strange side note, though.

Or is the bridge in the QPS enclosure proprietary? Possibly a blown diode.