Even if I’m just downloading the latest version of Cyberduck at 10MB, if I’m doing it at the coffee shop the network is clogged enough to begin with so it would be nice to offload that to my Cube which is sitting at home waiting for something to do. Video Surveillance With a Firewire camera, or a USB camera with the macam driver, and SecuritySpy you can set up video surveillance with time-lape or motion detection so you can find out who keeps stealing your Lucky Charms. This is especially good if you often browse the internet from a mobile device. I created a folder called “Downloads” on the iNAS partition where all the downloads will be stored. This is the cool part of using Safari as the autodownloader. Select type of offense: Not to mention that most NAS devices just look like crap, especially in comparison to the simplicity of the Cube.

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I fired up Disk Utility and set the drive to 2 partitions. I will not cover that as directions can be found all over the internet if you do not know how to do it yet. Once these 3 are unscrewed, the drive can be pushed from the back and it comes out through an opening on the front of the frame.

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Very satisified customer here. The rules say 5 images of the final product, but noone wants to see 5 pics of a standard Cube.

The old driver wasn’t compatible. This final result gets set to a variable, which becomes the body wta a new message. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.


This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. I should also note that you technically do not need intwch run the curl against ipchicken. AppleScript to the rescue! So, you could easily install a printer then go into the Sharing section of System Preferences and enable Printer Sharing.

SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Driver

I replied to both, and here, two weeks later, have not received a reply from either. Using my script does save you a few extra clicks, though. So, I create a special email account for my Cube and get it set up to check for new mail every 5 minutes. They have clips that prevent them from falling out when they are removed from the drive, so no magnetic tip is needed here.

Groovechicken Studios

So, my blind trust in Intech’s tools ssupport off and I can say I am a happy customer. Using any other means, I’d have to keep checking the file size to see when it stopped going up to know for sure that it was finished.

The only thing left to do is remove the guide rail from the other side of the drive.

Personally, I do not get into Torrents as they are generally used for the types of things I rarely download, and the speed can be atrocious if it is not a popular file. It was a Sat. I have a Cube I’ve been using as a backup server for a while now and I love it. Also, it is easy to verify a link before mailing it to the Cube to be sure it will work when the script catches it.


So, I settled for the GB knowing that when the s come down in price, I can upgrade and pass the down to another machine or external case. As you can see in the pictures below, the Cube is such a nice piece of decor that it stands out as a contrast in my office full of junk! Having a real computer allows you to do so many cool things that simply are not possible otherwise. I paid twice now, for a product I should have purchased once.

My first fetish is saving “dead” Macs by transplanting the working parts into a useful form factor that allows it to continue serving some special purpose. Not to mention that most NAS devices just look like crap, especially in comparison to the simplicity of the Cube. I wanted the GB drive, but was trying to stay on the cheap. Works fine on a dual G4 GB internal.

With the Cube set ara the way it is, there is 1 avaliable USB port. I would recommend this to any one having the big drive problem.

Customers who have purchased a previous versions of this product from Intech’s website can login and obtain their Free Lifetime Update. While looking for cheap hard drives, I intec that OWC http: