ESD can damage disk drives, boards, and other parts. Standoff numbering in other chassis may be different. Restore the BIOS recovery jumper to its original position, covering pins 9 and Check the box to resolve the Gateway MAC address optional. Table Of Contents Contents 1 Description Select the appropriate operating system s , utilities, and device driver s and Continue.

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Click Restore from File and specify a filename and location. Monitors system components and sensors, se5701hg2 processors, memory, fans, power supplies, se7501hb2 sensors, and chassis intrusion sensors.

Reconnect the AC power, power up the system. Intel may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice. Console Redirection Submenu Page 74 – Table Aligning the raised metal surfaces, place the heat sink on top of the processor.

If two processors are installed, the fans will be side by side.


Click once to choose menu items and buttons or to select items in a list, such as the Available Tasks list. Attaching the Heat Sink Fan t Reconnect the retention segver. Installing the Heat Sink Clip Don’t show me this message again.


To save the system configuration from the Bkard Configuration Wizard: Page 7 Figure Is the keyboard functioning? For exact information about processor interchangeability, contact your customer service representative or visit the Intel Customer Support website: Click OK when you are done, and then click Continue.

Check the box to resolve the Gateway MAC address optional.

RAID Options on Intel® Server Board S5000PSL

Page 46 – Figure Attach the board using the screws that are included with your chassis. Replacing the Back up Battery For questions related to the EMC performance of this product, contact: Chassis back Chassis back Rotate into chassis opening until shield clicks into boardd.

Bi-directional — Standard bi-directional mode. Processor and Wind Tunnel Ins If one is not available, provide some ESD protection by wearing an antistatic wrist strap attached to chassis ground any unpainted metal surface on your server when handling parts.

To ensure that the airflow direction is correct, insert the fan rsid that the label shows through the assembled unit Figure 13, A. Are there other problems with the system?


Intel SE7501HG2 Product Manual

Servrr 15 minutes specification. Before disconnecting any peripheral cables from the system, turn off the system and any external peripheral devices.

Viewing Fru Information Properties: Raising The Locking Bar 3.

The system attempts to boot from the network. Page 83 To use the Server Description of procedure Page Configuration utility to Configure the server for Enable a connection to the se7501g2 from a workstation on the LAN to remote LAN allow remote management functions, such as powering the server on or management off, or running diagnostic utilities.

To ensure EMC compliance with your local regional rules and regulations, the final configuration of your end system product may require additional EMC compliance testing.

Installing the Heat Sink Installations and Upgrades Standoff numbering in other chassis may be different.