Make sure your drivers and softwares are always up to date can help you device more stable and secure. So this page is only presenting some latest news, pictures and FAQs. To subscribe to the sane-avision mailing list, send a mail with the subject subscribe sane-avision to lists exactcode. Linux and scanning is difficult to use, isn’t it? Does the backend support the scanner buttons? Please try the latest source available.

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They should all work now. The open source version is included in the official SANE distribution for several years now. The new user-space USB code should work for all platform where libusb is available – and the solution should become more stable, since the hpusbscsi module was quite touchy when it didn’t like some bits.

There’s still no questions on this driver.

12200u backend got extended to support direct USB access. I got private eMails from other people who try to log and “decypher” the parallel-port-traffic, but there is no useable code, yet.

IVina 1200U User Manual Page 27

Simply start the GUI application in a xterm or gnome-terminal, konsole, If the device manager can’t help you, you need to Insert the Windows installation disk and restarting your PC. Check the driver versions by right-clicking on the device and going to Properties Step 3: But if these all can’t help you, you need to consult a professional for help! It is also nice that you have the same Graphical User Interface regardless which hardware you are acutally using.


Please contact me if you want to try the code on one of them Does the backend support the scanner buttons? Other professional features are: Right click on the “My Computer” Icon on your desktop and select “Properties. Various improvements to support the Fujitsu sheet-feed scanners and to fix the support for ivian HP ScanJet series and Minolta film-scanners. Some Avision scanners report no AV or a wrong scan-area. In addition the list is open for general discussion and users are free to ask quetions, outline problems, ask for improvements or just report success.

Since Ivkna have not all the hardware with all possible features, it might happens from time to time that the backend does not work optimal with a scanner – or maybe doesn’t do anything with a new scanner at all. Now choose the “Update Driver” button to download and update drivers! A lot work as done for better ADF support including duplex scans. So people started to ask for an modified backend to support this scanners.


iVina U Specifications

If you need another new scanner supported, commercial support or have a special project, require more features please contact us. How to fix the driver’s problem? Drivers problems also make you can use the PC very well! Oliver Neukum sponsored a HP scanner and after two days the Avision backend was able to handle it! But How to check the driver’s probelm?

Support was added for about hundred new scanners. In Windows for example you get a professional UI with one driver and a car-radio style toy with another. I implemented a tiny demo daemon and there is a graphical KDE systray program available as well. It is always welcome if people report success or ideas for new features.

Use the “option force-a4” option in your sane config file e. Specify that you will install the update from your hard drive Step 6: Avision iVina U Scanner Driver: The backend report a wrong sheet size? Avision iVina U Scanner. I do not own a parallel-port-scanner and at this day of age they are not really important for us.