I haven’t really had a chance to try any other programs If you haven,t kept the code or have lost it i do not think you could recover it , you could try getting in touch with Kaiser Bass. I only need to figure out how I get the battery compartment open on the remote control! Write a review Ask a question. This is mainly due to a couple of factors, 1 The quality of TV shows have in my opinion plummeted.

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You may like to send them an email and ask direct. I inserted the CD and a window was presented to me. Kaiser Baas replied on Jul 31, kaisser I then used Windows Media Centre. Page 11 TVStick A page will appear asking for a user name and license key. Sorry, but I only have Windows 7.

Kaiser Bass USB TV Tuner Kba01009

The device works just like a TV set, and digital channels require a strong signal to work without interference. Stickk file stored, I can’t find it anywhere on my computer?

TVStick A page will appear asking for a user name and license key.

I haven’t tried it on Win 8. Windows Media Centre was still able to show stic the TV channels without any issues. Captain Kayos replied on Nov 22, Rick replied on Feb baqs, I made my own HD exterior antennae [plans available on internet ] which works extremely well in ALL areas in the country towns that I have been in.


How do I set up the TV so that it is “always on top” doesn’t disappear behind other windows?

Click on Device Manager on the left hand column of the computer management window. Then I changed my mind and decided to install the TV software just to see what it was like. I have the current drivers. Ask him to give it to you Dr. Can Foxtel cable connection be used instead of stivk aerial? Once the download is complete click Open Folde r.


Well things improved but only microscopically. It is asking me for my license key but I have accidentally thrown it out along with my other things is there a way I can possibly get a new one or can you just email me a new one?

The following or similar will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. They worked ok, but for me, Windows Media Center works well, is a Windows product so integrates well with the system.


Good luck and I hope you find a solution. Phoenix replied on Oct 31, However, when completing and returning to TV the old channel list is still current and of course with no signal.

Kaiser Baas TV Stick User Manual

I have read where a person couldn’t get the TVStick to wake his computer from sleep to record a show. Good Luck on this endeavor and please write back and let everyone know how things went.

A person at Jaycar told me that they have one in the pipeline but I haven’t seen any sign of it yet. This feature makes it easy to go on working while keeping an eye on the TV.

Kaiser Baas TV Stick Reviews –

Stik asked on Oct 29, Who replied on Apr 07, Yes you can use all of the devices capabilities, but you need 2 programs to do so. Works after a fashion. AzNDuDe asked on May 27,