When it is time for the show, the computer will awaken, record the show and then sleep again. The following main menu should appear: Once the installation is complete select Close and restart the machine. The Reset TV function works, new channels are found six bars and all operate in the preview window. Limited Terms and Conditions Privacy Disclaimer. I only need to figure out how I get the battery compartment open on the remote control! Page of 18 Go.

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Kaiser Baas TV Stick User Manual

Then I changed my mind and decided to install the TV software just to see what it was like. I did try a couple with my first TV card a long time ago. Can I record to my computer in mp2 using this as a tuner and Windows Media Center as the recorder? Follow the on screen prompts to select the language and click Next.

Try your short antennae out side first and see if it works there as sometimes it is hard to pick up a reception inside. My question was about Windows 10 use of the Kaiser Baas Radio. Page 11 TVStick A page will appear asking for a user name and license key.

Kaiser Bass USB TV Tuner Kba | eBay

Plug kaiset aerial into the stick, then plug the stick into a spare USB port. Which in turn means that the hours I spend watching TV has also dropped.


Changing channels is quite fast and recording and timeshifting are all good. If you haven,t kept the code or have lost it i do not think you could recover ityou could try getting in touch with Kaiser Kasier. For example, if you open another app window, it will open behind the TV kaisdr, so your TV viewing is not interrupted. The following screen should appear: You also need to connect it to an antenna. Follow the on-screen prompts and the software will then install.

Rick replied on Dec kalser, Thanks for the review. Kaiser Baas replied on Jul 31, This will not work on Foxtel, as a Foxtel receiver decodes the encrypted Signal, the USB device would process dvb-t2 signals at best Cableguy replied on Jan 03, As far as i know Kaiser Baas no longer make this style of TV stick.

Rick replied on Mar 26, The device works just like a TV set, and digital channels require a strong signal oaiser work without interference.

Delete the text which appears in the box and type the following: I just haven’t had the time to go exploring I travel in the country a sticckhave always been able to get a good reception on my lap top windows 7. I am a bit uncertain of the reviews I am reading on your Kaiser baas tv stick, it doesn’t work for everyone it seems. My computer is colour calibrated because I process photos on it and this seems to make the tv picture really good.


Good Luck on this endeavor and please write back and let everyone know how things went.

Phoenix replied on Oct sttick, Kaiser Baas TV Stick. I inserted the CD and a window was presented to me. This happens to me sometimes and it is a tuning problemsometimes you have to rotate the aerial to receive different channels, ie CH 2 will be ok but nothing else so by turning the aerial ever so slightly you may pick up other Chs but lose CH 2 if you follow meIn the country where signals are weak you may to do this.

Kaiser Baas TV Stick

I didn’t really need a dual tuner, which allows you to watch one channel while recording another. Something that will enable me to record some decent quality TV and that was about it. Wait for the machine to restart.