Our findings strongly suggest that MSO neurons can encode ITDs across a broad-frequency spectrum using an input-slope-based coincidence-detection mechanism. While this result appears to challenge the general assumption that ITD information is carried only by low-frequency tones, Bernstein and Trahiotis and show that the poor ITD sensitivities to SAM high-frequency tones are due primarily to less precise AN response in each modulation cycle compared with the AN response to low-frequency tones. Precise inhibition is essential for microsecond interaural time difference coding. The picture will tell kortak audio. ITD sensitivities to speech.

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This is because the neuron and model have a firing threshold, below which the input activity is discarded. Nevertheless, the relative differences of leading slopes in the envelopes should persist. Comparisons with previous physiological results. The slope code model proposes that the slope, rather than the peak, of the discharge rate carries information about biologically relevant time differences review: Combining the firing rate and the half-width, we observed sharper ITD tunings at the higher tone frequency.

Using electrical stimulations, Svirskis et al.

Learning to discriminate interaural time differences: Support Center Support Center. Please help us maintain a helpfull driver collection.

Where did you get the machine from? Single auditory units in the superior olivary complex II: Rather, we focus on the dynamic feature, slope of a composite EPSC’s rising phase in tones and envelope onsetsand intrinsic cellular biophysics that lead to temporally precise coincidence and ITD detection. In this study, we also tried higher frequencies and lower sound intensities to examine to what extent our above comparisons for different stimuli hold.


Both recordings and simulations indicate that MSO neurons are sensitive to ITDs carried by spectrotemporally complex virtual sounds, including speech tokens. When action potentials were not well above the excitatory postsynaptic potentials, the determination of the threshold was verified by inspecting individual action potentials, i. The conventional duplex theory states that ITD is useful at low frequencies where auditory neurons phase-lock to the carrier phase, while ILD is useful at high frequencies Mills ; Rayleigh ; Stevens and Newman The tuning curves for the low-frequency pure tone black and the transposed tone green were similar in firing rate and broadness, while the response to the SAM tone was not well tuned red.

Finally my PC got up to speed! Medial superior olivary neurons receive surprisingly few excitatory and inhibitory inputs with balanced strength and short-term dynamics. Recommended if Kortak Audio is the only driver on your PC you wish to update.

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The AN period histograms Fig. Note that this slope threshold persisted even when the overall input amplitude was increased A max and T kortam increased by the same factor to high values data not shown.

All of the conductances and channel time constants are multiplied by a factor of 2 and 0.

In this proof-of-concept experiment, the best ITD was always zero, and the firing rates for the negative ITDs are mirror images of the firing rates for the positive ITDs.


The numbers are the vector strength VS of the AN model response.

Coincidence model of MSO responses. Scatter plots of firing-rate ranges vs. Note that the ITD tuning curves to virtual sound that were obtained in our preparation depended on the G syn. At lower sound levels, physiological recordings in AN fibers predict that the difference between the envelope-ITD sensitivities to SAM and transposed tones should be smaller.

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Therefore, enhanced synchrony would not change our basic conclusion. Here the conductances are normalized by their peak values for illustration purpose. Who ever built it may be able to give you more information on your system specs.

Would you use this site again?: Since we did not know the actual CF to which the recorded neurons responded in vivo, each recorded neuron served as a proxy for neurons with different CFs; that is, each recorded neuron was stimulated with AN spike trains corresponding to more than one CF.