The post had around comments on it. Luckily I own two hard drives and read this post and I used the power adapter from the other an it works great. I had another LaCie power brick laying around, same model and swapped them. If the drive was turned off, the hissing would go down somewhat. So, my power supply isn’t hissing, but my drive keeps clicking trying to mount or find itself , then once it does appear as I open up my disk utility , it takes forever to see the folders and files within.

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Boot the computer from the Ubuntu CD, you dont have extrreme install anything, all “installations” will be done in memory only and lost after reboot.

All the classic symptoms mentioned above. Formatted with data uploaded and downloaded from it. On the internet you will find this problem a lot, sometimes with various additional problems sound from the powersupply, strange sound from the harddrive.

You sound like one of my friends, anyway I lost all my data on this lacie drive twice now. My Lacie 1TB extreme drive is also failing lacke power up.


Thanks to the original blog author and to all those who responded, anxiously awaiting and I’ll weigh back in to share whether or not this resolves the problem. Got one to sell? Mine is hissing too.

I hoped that if I replaced to power supply again that could fix it. Off I go to get a new power supply!!

I’ve been indexing lxcie fairly large music collection on my LaCie TB drive for just over a year, all the while intending to back it up, when the exact problem happened to me. I own 3 LaCie 2tb drives, 2 quadras and one Big Disk.

Then her power adapter broke and we ordered a replacement, and the damn thing started charging and working like a normal laptop. I plugged it in and nothing happened. I was having a similar problem with my LaCie 1tb drive. I even had one from an old external DVD drive that I could use.

Brought it home, plugged it into the drive, and it came right back up!!

Email me if you need more details. I can’t thank you enough for posting this thread.

LaCie Big Disk Extreme 1TB USB2/eSata prices

This post seems to have become the LaCie power supply support group: It works, is quite and does the job. After playing around with the Drobo I decided it was time to fire up the LaCie and back it up. The drive got louder still. See the specs tab for more info as well as LaCie’s website. I still find it hard to believe that all this clicking noise that sounded like a broken hard disk was just cause by the power supply.


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LaCie Big Disk Extreme 1tb With Triple Interface 300797 in

Avert Your Eyes, I’m Naked. I hate going to the movies. LaCie Posted by girlgonehigh at Aug 19, You will need to find the right device files for the two drives. I just ordered a new power supply from this ebay seller: Please choose a color: I configured my Biggee Extreme to have two volumes.

Thank you very much! Exremely small, handy… Great! Now I have 4TB usable on the local network: