LCD Smartie forums gives you access to instant support please register today! This means you all can start writing your own plugins now. For security reasons it’s always a good idea to upgrade to the latest browser version. This is the new ‘time’ feature. Some bugs have been fixed – see readme for details. This means that the keypresses are dealt with immediately without any appreciable latency. He hopes to make a lot of plugins for LCD Smartie.

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LCD Smartie Kit 20X4 LCD with USB/UART Interface

I got help from an employee from Matrix Orbital who is going to help me with this. LCD Smartie is under development again for a new release I know there is a problem when you close the program.

A new sourceforge project has been started, and i have to say that i won’t be helping you with it, but perhaps some really smart programmer s can understand how the crappy smartie code works, and can blow some new live in it. P the standard demo. Did I say “nerd”?

So they told me it was over connections a minute Support for the VL System L. Another nice visual indicator for the Grove system, with a 10 segment display. You can download beta versions there and talk about the plugins. LCD Smartie team released a configuration file to fix issue. Here i will show a list of features and how to use them: Download the display driver to use this display with LCD Smartie.


To support less common applications LCD Smartie uses a powerful plugin system. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Displays the time separator character given by the TimeSeparator global variable.

USB and serial LCD backpack setup for LCD Smartie – DP

Smartle was originally intended for as a cell phone screen. This was because they were very slow you have to send and receive data very often.

Instead i made those nice ‘a-lot-of-text-files’ thing. This is not only because i just don’t have time for it anymore, but also because the code is really a mess. After running the software as freeware from to lateBasie P quit the project and passed it on to Chris Lansley as an Open Source project hosted on the Sourceforge servers.

The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guidelines for products and services. I had to move the site. Characters enclosed in single or double quotes are displayed as-is, and do not affect formatting. Displays the month as a full name January-December using the strings given by the LongMonthNames global variable.


Uses the hour clock for uab preceding h or hh specifier, and displays ‘a’ for any hour before noon, and ‘p’ for any hour after noon.

LCD Smartie – Wikipedia

Further I made it posible to change the custom characters. Some bugs have been fixed – see readme for details. Also you must know that if you are playing Smagtie To Casle Wolfensteijn you have to set the gamestats to Quake3 because this is the same engine Q3 engine.

If the m specifier immediately follows an h or hh specifier, the minute rather than the month is displayed.

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. It is made for winamp 3 users to get the winamp info into LCD smartie. I build a new site, the old one was kinda boring. After a successful beta, and release candidate, the LCD Smartie team is proud to announce the latest official release!

To display system and other editable information Version No.: