For -resolver , specify all other options in the first input parameter and the -resolver options in the second parameter, as follows:. I tried that but it’s not working: Use this mode when initially loading classes that refer to each other, and in general when reloading isolated classes as well. This option applies to main , as well as any method that has exactly one argument of type java. You need the permission J ServerPermission. When you load a resource file, loadjava generates the resource schema object name from the resource file name as literally specified on the command line.

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However, the loadjava tool does some processing on entries in the order in which they occur in the JAR.

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Otherwise, classes are loaded into the user’s default database. See the Oracle8i Reference for a description of this table. If this option is specified, then the loadjava tool will process contained JAR files as if they were top-level JAR files.

SID is the database instance identifier. Separate each thn with a space. Such options are ignored if they appear in an option file. Designates the schema from which schema objects are dropped.

If the loadjava tool does not load a file because it matches a digest table entry, then most options on the command line have no effect on the schema loqdjava. The loadjava tool detects unchanged files by maintaining a digest table in each schema. For your information, the details of resource file naming follow.


Consider the following example: You can use Java comments in this file. This option confers definer privileges upon classes instead. Each reference list item contains a reference to another class, and one of the following:. For -resolverspecify all other options in the first input parameter and the -resolver options in the second parameter, as follows:. Compiles, if necessary, and resolves external references in classes after all classes on the command line have been loaded.

Enter the name on the command line that the class passes to getResource or getResourceAsString.

When i run distributed query from sql server i get If not specified, the logon schema is used. Use the -verbose option to learn when the loadjava tool does not load a file, because it matches a digest table entry.

Oracle E – Business Suite: Loadjava

Resolves each class as it is loaded. Dropping a class invalidates classes that depend on it, recursively cascading upwards.

uding The three kinds of Java schema objects are: The compiler, compiling source B, finds that it refers to class A but A is invalid. If you run the loadjava tool multiple times specifying the same files and different options, then the options specified in the most recent invocation hold. It is made up of two jars, which contains the compiled classes.


Loading Java Classes

Causes the output to be directed to stdoutrather than to stderr. Instead of unpacking the JAR file and loading each class within it, loads the whole JAR file into the schema as a resource. The perfect way to load individual resource files correctly is to run the loadjava tool from the top of the package tree and specify resource file names relative to that directory. Indicates that JARs processed by the current loadjava tool command are to be stored in the database as database resident JARs.

Thon ensure that loadjava and the class loader use the same name for a schema object, follow this rule when loading resource files:.

Specifies an explicit resolver spec, which is bound to the newly loaded classes. If you load a JAR file in this thiin, then you can use it for resolution or execution. The digest table relates a file name to a digestwhich is a shorthand representation of the file’s content a hash.