I always wonder why force feedback is an option for these flight sims when they dont even make them anymore. I tried some tip I found on the web and installed an old version of Logitech profiler software that was supposed to be able to make it work on Win7, but it couldn’t detect the stick either. Anyone who actually enjoys their desk space, however, had a much different take on the gimongous joystick. Posted 30 April – Anyone interested in purchasing my old wingman force..

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Posted 08 May – As I mentioned before, the small base size is the greatest feature of this force feedback joystick, especially when you’ve 3x accustomed to some of the space-destroying beasts currently on the market.

Sorry I can’t help further. Windows could not 33d drivers for it. The whole trick is, that this guy is trying to sell his “not going to work in Win” stick on lets say Ebay, people who want to buy are going to Google on that, trying to verify if it is working and here we go.

So it’s a mixed back with the new Logitech Force 3D. While the joystick did a good job of bobbing, jerking and pulling along with the games I played, there was a definite difference between the strength of the force feedback in relation to the SideWinder and the Logietch Force.

Logitech WingMan Force 3D Review – IGN

The force reacted instantly from the first time I started all of the games. Posted 13 April – First off, the WingMan Force 3D features an interface incredibly familiar to the SideWinder Force Feedback Pro, only with two buttons on the base instead of the SideWinder’s four, and, and an extra button on the actual joystick. Windows does show it as a Wingman Force in the “unspecified device” category in the Control Panel “Devices and Printers” applet, but gives roll-over status messages of “Driver unavailable” and “driver error”.


Posted 07 April – The trigger on the stick I previously used went after 4 years. I never thought of checking ebay.

Thanks PH to verify this on Win10 64bit, so one thing is sure it does not work on a Win10 64bit system. You currently have javascript disabled. Every USB Force Feecback device we made after these two devices can accept on-the-fly effects sent to them from the comptuer and do not require preloading to the hardware. Yep I also did read this on different sites, but it appears Smoking is running on 64bit.

All this is fine and good, but being that this is a force feedback joystick, it’s hard to judge the Force 3D without taking it through its paces with some good solid gaming. Even the throttle bar has a great curve that makes it a breeze to tweak your speed slightly, unlike Microsoft’s sometimes confusing throttle control.

I always wonder why force feedback is an option for these flight sims when they dont even make them anymore. Please loigtech in to reply. The force overall was solid, but not substantial enough to get your juices flowing, the way a good heavy kick from any of the competitor’s joysticks will deal you.

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I just want it to go to someone who will enjoy it like I once did Maybe you can verify on what Smoking did wrote down; does this FFB stick work on an 64bit Win10????? To foece the codebase, all support was taken out for both 5.

Posted 11 April – You’ll definitely enjoy the wignman size of the joystick, and the buttons sans the main trigger feel great — but if you’re looking for a definitive force feedback experience, you’re not going to get it here. Back to top 21 Dutch2 Dutch2 Posts: Yeah, those that Dutch pointed out.

anybody using the old Logitech wingman force in 64bit OS

Posted 21 October – A google search may help. With bit addressing, our tricks were completely broken.

Now Logitech has realized a new cousin to it’s larger counterpart, the Force 3D joystick. Posted 10 April – But in terms of a lower priced, reliable force feedback solution, the force 3D delivers a solid, if not incredible, experience.