Prices vary wildly, if you buy from an auction, you may get one cheap but you can’t be sure about the condition. By now you’re burning with curiosity – what is a M exactly? Of course the diesel is fuel injection, but the general durability of a diesel makes that a moot point IMHO. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. To state “Military Rejected” based on a single anecdote, the source of which is not named, is wrong. Now this system seems to be the best of both worlds and looks as if it will bolt right up to the holes already made for the pintle hitch.

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The M1009 CUCV – A Manly, Eco-Conscious, Military Rejected Survivalist’s Dream Vehicle

Do you crave a real man’s vehicle that will take you anywhere and let you pull tree stumps out of the earth if they get in your way? The truck also can be equipped with weapon supports in the cab, cargo tie down hooks, folding troop seats, pioneer tools, winches, and other military accessories. I had no idea that you can easily spend 30k in five years on fuel alone. The Devils desk is just a joke about him being under ground in hell and when your buried to the frame your in a hell of a fix, Ha!

I’ll let you know if I get some cool stuff from there. Military In the Middle East.


Javascript software libraries dailg as jQuery are dailj at endpoints on the googleapis. I was cursing my head off with my driver side door swinging from a tree limb by way of ratched strap. Many Ms were upgraded at the company level to MA2 and A3 specs—the dual wheel rear end arrangement was a result of the M flipping on its side because of the high center of gravity when carrying equipment shelters.

The M CUCV – A Manly, Eco-Conscious, Military Rejected Survivalist’s Dream Vehicle | AxleAddict

Two years of reliable dajly driving it everyday. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. It stands for Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle and was brought into military service as a converted civilian vehicle intended as an intermediary for the more expensive and capable amphibious Gama Goat and the rock climbing, trail blazing HMMWV.

The CUCVs came in four basic body styles: In the process of buying a 84 M Just thinking about it makes me want to sell my car and just go and get a CUCV. She’s a beaut isn’t she? No kidding, I have a Tahoe and although it has a bunch of computers, I like its simplicity. What else have you all done to your M Blazers?

Just be ready to either work on it yourself or pay someone else to do the work. Then find yourself a good used M to put those MRE’s and camping supplies in and take off for parts unknown.

Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle

It may be that there is a sports car hidden in that big SUV frame. I have a 86 M,its aggravating finding parts but loads of fun driving and best mpg I’ve ever had! You can also try state auctions and Ebay comes up with some good deals – but you’ll have to be patient. How are we supposed to order this stuff? HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.


Just last night I dreamed of my KLR, a good motorcycle but always in the shop for something costing me loads of money.

What have ya all done to your M?

The M trucks used open Dana 60 front axles, with the M and M variations often having a Trac-Lok limited slip. The models converted for military use were built from to – the big hair years. I was talking to one guy who rhino lined the interior. Apparently they also ship. I was talking with my brother about the exorbitant cost of a new car, no matter what we get screwed. It adds to the “tacti-cool-ness. Speaking of expensive, you can pick up a used M for dirt cheap.

The CUCV program was so successful, some of them are still in use today; 31 years later. Thank you for a well written article about these machines.