This mainboard has a built-in VGA graphics system; you must leave this item at the default value. This program is available for: Software to erase and install new revisions of the system BIOS! Disable this jumper when to flash the BIOS. New BIOS may provide support for new peripherals, improvements in performance or fixes for known bugs.

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When disabled, a write buffer is not used and the CPU read cycle will not be completed until the PCI bus signals that it is ready to receive the data. If you cannot get a legacy ISA Industry Standard Architecture expan- sion card to work properly, you might be able to solve the problem by changing this mms7127c to Manual, and then opening up the IRQ Resources and Memory Resources sub-menus.

Make sure matsonix you have the pin-1 side of the cable matched with the pin-1 side of the connector. Refer to the Frequency Control Option in Chapter 3 for more information. You need to disable it so that you can install an operating system.


Standard This field is available if the Onboard Serial Natsonic 2 field is set to any option but Disabled. Installation Quick Installation Table This chapter explains how to successfully install the mainboard into a computer case and build a working system.

Checklist This chapter contains the following information: Folders for this Mainboard For this board, you can install software from the following auudio TX,RX inverting enable Default: Your case and CPU might have cooling fans attached to provide adequate ventilation to the system.


Function Jumper Setting Onboard codec enabled The system has various power saving modes including powering down the hard disk, turning off the video, suspending to RAM, and a software power down that allows the system to be automatically resumed Enabled All the processors that can be installed in this mainboard use internal level 1 L1 cache memory to improve performance. Do not overtighten the screws as this can stress the mainboard. You cannot make changes to these fields.

The mainboard can support one or two floppy diskette drives and four enhanced IDE drives. A green keyboard is not required.

Plug the diskette drive cable into the diskette drive interface on the mainboard FDD1. Identify the pin-1 corner on the CPU socket and the pin-1 corner on the processor. Onboard Parallel Port Default: You can do this by using the system Setup Utility.

Matsonic MSC driver – Matsonic Sound Card Drivers –

Neither this manual, nor any of the material. Disabled When this item is enabled and the system crashes three times because the processor has been overclocked, the BIOS will automatically adjust the speed of the matsoic to the system bus speed multiplied by two. Drive A and Drive B Default: The installation procedure is as follows: Installing a Floppy Diskette Drive The mainboard has a floppy diskette drive interface and it ships with a diskette drive ribbon cable that supports one or two floppy diskette drives.


Disabled The system speed will change from turbo to slow if no Power Management events occur for a specified length of time. Performance is based on the processor design, the clock speed and system bus frequency of the processor, and the quantity of internal cache memory and external cache memory. Use the cursor arrow keys to scroll through the items in the submenu.

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When your system is in a power—saving mode, any incoming calls to the modem automatically resume the system. Keyboard Power On Default: Load Fail-safe Defaults Option For example, if you have a processor that is rated to run at MHz and the system is running a frontside bus frequency of MHz, you should select a multiplier of 4.

The fail-safe defaults place no great demands on the system and are generally stable.

This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. The manufacturer makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.