The Precision Pro 2 had reintroduced potentiometers to save money and thus their lifetime was limited to wear and tear of the potentiometers. No, it’s a 3D Pro and it has a switch. These options provide you with very good DOS emultation for the non-standard features, such as rudder control and throttle. Since the release of the Force Feedback 2, the stick has garnered a reputation of reliability and resiliency, many Force Feedback 2 sticks are still in use currently. One nugget of interest though for ya before I finish my post. Cool Looks Overall the 3D Pro has a natty look with it’s matte black plastic and grey buttons.

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Retrieved 27 May The basis of Microsoft’s last generation of SideWinder joysticks, the Precision 2 design was a further refinement of the previous Precision Pro.

Being able to control the rudders is essential for good dogfight manouvers and lining up or correcting for a perfect shot.

The puck also had its own volume control.

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No, create an account now. Software sidewindwr included for the device to provide hotkeys for a number of then popular games. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I zipped up the floppy and you can grab it here: In digital mode, the D-pad controlled the x- and y-axis like a traditional digital control pad therefore, there was no hat switch function in digital mode.


Microsoft Sidewinder 3d Pro Joystick

Now if anyone has the 5. Three buttons are located near the thumb in an arc.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. I mlcrosoft look tonight. However if you have a new computer, dosbox may be of great help to you with regards to the joystick as it can detect USB just fine.

imcrosoft Anything radically different other than design? However, with the widespread introduction of USB in consumer computers shortly after the Precision Pro was released, Microsoft soon re-released the joystick in a USB-compatible form joysticks labeled as Part No.

If so, then Grimloc, you’ve got your new joystick. Xbox Controller Games Special limited edition consoles Technical specifications.

The line was first launched in The Precision Pro 2 had reintroduced potentiometers to save money and thus their lifetime was limited to wear and tear of the potentiometers. Archived from the original on 6 February I can calibrate the joystick in game and the X1, Y1, X2 and Y2 axis do respond!

It used a gameport microslft to interface with the computer. I’m only able to find version 3.


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Here was my topic on sidewinser This joystick came in two varieties: Compared to the Precision Pro, the Precision 2 dropped the Pro’s shift button, replaced the throttle wheel with a more traditional lever, and rearranged the face buttons on the stick into a symmetric design.

Support for this joystick was dropped with the advent of Windows XP. A DIY converter project exists.

There is a bug in the Windows 8 joystick control panel which causes the joystick to be reported as non-functional. Fred Iyc and Edie Adams [10] are among the 17 people who have signed it. Views Read Edit View history.

I have not had a chance to find a game that uses it, but I can see the benefits of having this option. Read the instructions carefully. Does anyone know how to get it working, or have you found replacement drivers for Mechwarrior 2 in DOS? Using the Precision 2 design once again, Microsoft introduced a value-oriented SideWinder joystick, simply called the SideWinder Siddwinder.