The name of the solution file is CSharpDriver It is important to note that sometimes the Add methods do NOT add a new element. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Note that the first example behaves differently in C than in JavaScript. The Update method is used to update existing documents. Both FindSync and FindAsync are somewhat similar except that FindSync is synchronous and blocks until it’s call is complete. Most of the database settings are inherited from the server object, and the provided overloads of GetDatabase let you override a few of the most commonly used settings.

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The Save method is a combination of Insert and Update.

How to use DBRef with the official C driver current version 0. These can be used as follows: The rules for connection mode are as follows:. In addition, when using replica sets it is possible to verify that the information has been replicated to some minimum number of secondary servers. This might not be ideal in certain scenarios, and the cursor is helpful when the query result is huge and we can move the cursor by calling MoveNextAsync or MoveNext.


If you do not use RequestStart with a using block, it is imperative that RequestDone be called in order to release the connection. We can build the query as follows:.

Set Start Action to: The example below uses the credential store to mongocutsor admin credentials and credentials for the “foo” database. For example, you could correct an error in the title of a book using: In this case the default document type of the collection is Bookbut we are overriding that mongocursod specifying that the result be returned as an instance of BsonDocument. Have figured this out I think. BsonValue has the following boolean properties you can use to test what kind of BsonValue it is.

It contains advanced ways of getting a database and pushing a sequence of operations through a single socket in order to guarantee consistency.

Working with MongoDB in .NET (Part 2): Retrieving Documents with Filter Clause

MongoCredentials in the store are keyed by database, so if different databases require different users, then the credentials store is consulted first and, upon a miss, will fallback to the default credentials supplied on the connection string if they exist. Use a public constructor if available of a subclass of BsonValue Use a static Create method of BsonValue Use a static Create method of a subclass of BsonValue Use a static property of a subclass of BsonValue Use an implicit conversion to BsonValue The advantage of using the static Create methods is that they can return a pre-created instance for frequently used values.


He currently works with Field Intelligence were he helps build logistic and supply chain apps. Most of the time we don’t want to retrieve all documents, but rather specify a filter that returns documents matching that particular filter.

If you have multiple servers listed, and one is part of a replica set and another is not, then the connection mode is non-deterministic. A collection is not restricted to containing only one kind of document.

To override other settings, call CreateCollectionSettings and change any settings you want before calling GetCollectionlike this:. This method returns an object representing a collection in mongocursro database.

[mongodb-user] C# driver: Casting MongoCursor to IEnumerable – Grokbase

NET types to BsonValue:. NET types to BsonValue: The port number is optional and defaults to To post to this group, send email to [email protected] To unsubscribe from this group, send email. Every document in a collection or some subset if an mongocurxor query is provided is sent to the map function, which calls emit to produce intermediate values.

EQ “author””Kurt Vonnegut”Query.

BsonArray has the following Add methods:. Casting Integer to ,ongocursor In some cases you might add some of the following using statements if you are using some of the optional parts of the C Driver:. FirstOrDefault ; await collection. Jan 17, at 8: