I also don’t understand all of this nonsense about the battery case. When it begun to die, I started having problems. After reading so many comments about problems with replacing the battery, I tried. Is there a remedy? For the price I am not complaining but wish the zoom did not zoom in or out so fast, could be my computer or windows 7 and the mouse can only do what it is allowed to do. Instantly zoom in and out; scroll horizontally or vertically.

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A ridged wheel provides a better grip for scrolling. Performance High-definition optical technology: Before we move on to the review he’s a quick look at the features of the V Lamptron FC SE fan controller.

Logitech V Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks Overview – CNET

Ozone Rage ST headset. Here’s hoping the logitevh doesn’t crap out on me next week because I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Logitech products. The picture in this post is the best I’ve found; but I can’t seem to get the batter compartment open.

I am not computer illiterate. My girlfriend bought it for me today and i love logitech products so lets hope i have no problems with it. Would recommend this mouse to anyone who needs a small portable, easy to use mouse!!


Check on ebay for a used one with the battery logitrch installed. Is it the optical eye? I have renamed my mouse bounce, because I cannot count the number of times that I mouxe dropped it and it continues to work. The software also lets you know wht the battery status is which I find a bonus!! It doesn’t seem to recognize when I click and when I release the mouse buttons.

I am 6′ 5″. I read that this happened to another person as well.

Logitech V220 Wireless Optical Mouse No Receiver M-rbs136 Gray

Then while still holding the left button down, press the right button 5 times, Then release the left button and it should now be reset. Maximum working range lobitech 2 meters. Quite frustrating, as I wanted a mouse to avoid using the trackpad.

Both sides of the mouse feature non-slip rubber for better control. As laptops are growing ever more popular, more people are looking for a notebook mouse.

When it begun to die, I started having problems. So forget using it to control media players from your lounge or a PowerPoint presentions from a lecturm.

It took me about 30 seconds. It’s perfectly possible to control a notebook with its trackpad but everyone who has used a notebook for a couple of hours will know that these trackpads aren’t really convenient. We are not clumsy people, we just forget it’s there when we get up oogitech the couch and recliner. I had a red warning light on it for a few weeks and the battery logitecn died today. The 7 button use is good if FPS games, better than only having 5 buttons.


Logitech V Cordless Mouse Review – Hardware Secrets

How is the Gold Competency Level Attained? Perfect for viewing digital photos and spreadsheets.

It was a mechanical malfunction, which I was able to fix and open. Mousf do power point presentations and hoped my pocket didn’t have to stretch as far as a proper remote. It’s a shame because I really like the mouse Though it will not work on glass and on black surfaces you must put paper underneath it for it to work. Instantly zoom in and out; scroll horizontally or vertically.